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Meet the skin cleansing SECRET WEAPON, the LumiSpa!

7 incredible benefits in just 2 minutes!

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Introducing our Nutricentials range

‘Here You Glow’ Exfoliating Toner

Get glowing, clearer looking skin with Nutricentials Here You Glow – a facial toner that does more than just tone.


This thoughtfully balanced formula features a unique mix of hydroxy acids to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, healthy, and visibly glowing, plus salicylic acid to help cure the appearance of existing spots. At the same time, its cleansing action lessens the chance of new spots forming. Your skin is left looking clean, clear, and radiant – ready for whatever comes next!

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‘Day Dream’ Protective Cream (SPF 30)

Have you been dreaming of a new daily moisturiser to help your skin stay soft and hydrated? Day Dream Protective Cream is here to make it a reality, no matter what life throws your way. This luxurious face cream contains SPF 30 for added sun protection and bioadaptive botanical extracts to help protect your skin from the adverse effects of environmental stressors. Its unique blue light and infrared filtering ingredient also helps reduce the impact of excessive exposure to blue light and infrared.

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‘Thirst Fix’ Hydrating Gel Cream

Enjoy smoother, beautiful looking skin thanks to the burst of moisture that comes from every application of this oil-free facial hydrating gel cream.


It features a blend of bioadaptive botanicals that helps increase your skin’s natural resilience, protecting it against the adverse effects of environmental stressors, and a unique biomimetic moisturising complex that provides long-lasting hydration* by mimicking natural elements in your skin.


Nutricentials Thirst Fix delivers rapid hydration that’s perfect for thirsty skin, providing a refreshing feeling you’re sure to love. 

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Reviews from LumiSpa customers

The LumiSpa is the best purchase you will ever make for your skin, but don’t take our word for it…check out these amazing reviews!

After trialling the LumiSpa for a week now, I can’t believe the brightness of my skin! I have been using it twice a day and I cannot believe how smooth and soft (like silk!) my face is to touch. It’s such a relaxing 2 minutes/twice a day experience to remove all the daily build up my skin has taken in. After a week, there has already been so many positive changes in my skin. I cannot wait for more to come!

Aimee M

Where has this been all my life?! I’ve gone from hating my skin to loving it!! Wrinkles less visible, dry and red patches pretty much gone and so few blackheads, I’m tempted to say none! My skin looks and feels smooth and supple. Love love LOVE my Lumi!

Cas N

Absolutely loving my Lumi! Every morning and night I get excited to do my routine and now I have a salon fresh looking and feeling skin all day. Thank you so much!

Janaya W